Ceramic Artist

Creative artwork made from clay.

Ring Sculpture

Smoke fired

Reason Season Lifetime

Hand Built

Raku Rings

Thrown hollow rings


Exploring the Circle!

Each sculpture is made up of interconnecting circles, a symbol of the strength that we can find in the unity and connection of the people in our lives. 

Each piece explores those relationships in our lives, whether people come into our lives for a Reason, Season or Lifetime. The pieces explore the interplay with different friendship groups and family.

I use the methods of Smoke and Raku firing to add an element of unpredictability and movement to the pieces. The links can be moved into different positions creating an interactive piece of sculpture

 The flow of interconnecting circles that have the ability to change their interaction with one another forms the bases of all my pieces.  

Commission your own Unique piece!


If you are looking to say something personal to represent your family or friendships, contact me to discuss and together we can develop a truly unique piece !

Follow the Journey from idea to creation


“I purchased a unique piece of work by Susie for my husband that has been much admired. Knowing the unusual provenance of the piece makes it even more intriguing, when we tell friends that it reflects the pavements of Salisbury they are completely fascinated”. Janet , Salisbury.

“I commissioned a piece  of eight interconnecting rings to represent the eight members of our family. I love that they are all different as we are too!” Barnaby 2023 This piece was made as an outdoor sculpture.