Your personalised gift!

If you have a special piece you would like me to develop with you that represents your life , friendship group or relationship I would love the opportunity to develop a piece that is uniquely yours!

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Here are some examples of personalised gifts.

Salisbury Cracked Pavement


Pringle Platter

( USA)

A Bath Bloat

A piece created for 14 year old that loved Hippos. A Bloat is the collective for a group of hippos which is a rather lovely term! 

Gift or Keep sake!


The process of making an individual piece can take a few weeks. Don’t leave it to the last minute! To make a piece goes through a few stages- design, build, first fire, glaze and a final firing. 


“Instead of worrying about what you can not control, shift your energy into what you can create.”

by Roy Bennett

Inhale the future , exhale the past!


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