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My mission is to make people smile with my work. A smile can change someone’s day…. always for the better! 

It was in 2011 that I rediscovered clay. University gave me an introduction to pottery as I trained to be an Art teacher. However my career took me away from this great medium, and trying to find a ceramics class to rekindle these skills delayed my return. I can honestly say it has been like coming home. I love the versatility of clay!

I am now like a kid in a sweet shop exploring the possibilities of this medium.

 I have had to let go of the idea that you have to create a master piece every time. They happen every now and again, meantime your learning along the way.

​You may notice I have a fascination with texture and non-uniform shapes. You wont find any straight pots in my collection, unless they have some embellishment! 

My recent collection is all about the exploration of interconnecting rings and creating tactile manoeuvrable pieces. Sculptural pieces that can be changed and interacted with to endless possibilities. 

​If you live in Salisbury , you may already have seen me. I am the mad woman that is pressing clay into the cracks of pavements. They make the most amazing patterns. The raised texture and individuality of each crack can create truly unique  pieces.  




A special Gift for a Special person…. give a smile!

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Life is an adventure with many Chapters!


Lets see what what we can create together to give someone that special gift, or choose from those pieces I have already had fun creating.

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